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The Spheres

Vincent van Amsterdam – Variazioni Goldberg

Vincent van Amsterdam suona le famose variazioni Goldberg di J.S. Bach trascritte per fisarmonica.

J.S.Bach – Variazioni di Goldberg
Variatio 1. a 1 Clav.
Variatio 2. a 1 Clav.
Variatio 3. Canone all’Unisono. a 1 Clav.
Variatio 4. a 1 Clav.
Variatio 5. a 1 ô vero 2 Clav.
Variatio 6. Canone alla Seconda. a 1 Clav.
Variatio 7. a 1 ô vero 2 Clav. al tempo di Giga
Variatio 8. a 2 Clav.
Variatio 9. Canone alla Terza. a 1 Clav.
Variatio 10. Fughetta. a 1 Clav.
Variatio 11. a 2 Clav.
Variatio 12. a 1 Clav. Canone alla Quarta in moto contrario
Variatio 13. a 2 Clav.
Variatio 14. a 2 Clav.
Variatio 15. Canone alla Quinta. a 1 Clav.: Andante
Variatio 16. Ouverture. a 1 Clav.
Variatio 17. a 2 Clav.
Variatio 18. Canone alla Sesta. a 1 Clav.
Variatio 19. a 1 Clav.
Variatio 20. a 2 Clav.
Variatio 21. Canone alla Settima
Variatio 22. a 1 Clav. alla breve
Variatio 23. a 2 Clav.
Variatio 24. Canone all’Ottava. a 1 Clav.
Variatio 25. a 2 Clav.: Adagio
Variatio 26. a 2 Clav.
Variatio 27. Canone alla Nona. a 2 Clav.
Variatio 28. a 2 Clav.
Variatio 29. a 1 ô vero 2 Clav.
Variatio 30. a 1 Clav. Quodlibet
Aria da Capo


Vincent van Amsterdam (1989), winner of the Dutch Classical Talent Award 2016, is a big promotor of the classical accordion. In 2014, he completed his Master’s degree cum laude at the Fontys Academy for Fine Arts Tilburg (NL). Vincent has won various international music competitions, including the Prinses Christina Concours (NL, 2007), the National Accordion Competition (NL, 2008 and 2009), and the Dutch Conservatoire Competition (NL, 2014).

Vincent has performed in nearly all great concert halls and at most festivals in the Netherlands. Abroad, Vincent has performed in Paris and Athens, and he has made successful solo tours in Italy and Indonesia. With the Van Amsterdam Duo, Vincent went on a tour of Austria and performed in Serbia and China. He has also had the privilege of performing solo concerts with several (youth) orchestras.
Vincent’s repertoire is characterized by its broad scope, which reaches from Sweelinck, Bach and Frank to Gubaidulina, Piazzolla and Schmidt. Additionally, Vincent has actively sought out contemporary Dutch composer and inspired them to write for the accordion. His work with them has culminated in several world premieres of pieces by Aart Strootman, Bernard van Beurden, Maxim Shalygin and Daan Manneke.

Vincent started his accordion studies with his father, accordion player and teacher Evert van Amsterdam. During his studies, he was taught by many world renowned accordion players, including Stefan Hussong (DE), Wjatscheslaw Semionow (RU), Mika Väyrynen (FI) and Friedrich Lips (RU).

Vincent has recorded several CD’s. In 2016 he released a CD with the Van Amsterdam Duo, entitled ‘’Chanson Russe’’, which consist of music by Shostakovich, Stravinsky and Kusjakov. ‘’Red, Dark and Blue’’ (2017) is Vincent’s latest CD which consist of the full programma of the DCT award 2016.

Over the years Vincent has given multiple masterclasses too children and young professionals. He is a teacher at the Hart Music school in Haarlem and from 2018 he is associated with the Fontys Academy of Fine Arts in Tilburg where he will teach the students in the Master education.

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